Meta tags rocks!

Meta tags rocks

Meta tags are not recognized by Google as a direct SEO factor nowadays… but are still very important, when interacting with search engine user. So indirectly, by increasing CTR (Click Through Rate), they are important to SEO. Metas, when written properly can boost traffic on our website and result in higher rankings.

What are meta tags and where we can find them?

Firstly let’s have a look at what Google want to tell us about them:

Search Console Help

In a few words – most important and simplest ones are: TITLE, DESCRIPTIPN and KEYWORDS. First two appear directly on SERP. So, when we search for something, we always see them. They help us decide which website to choose, which will be the most valuable for us. Third one can be added optionally for Google robots.

Where can we find meta tags - google serp example

We do not write meta tags for Google bots nowadays, but rather use them to attract potential customers. But how can we determine if one set of meta tags (tile, description) is better than another?

There’s no easy answer – as probably always in SEO. We need to start thinking like our customers, feel their needs and just answer their questions there. A little tip is to google certain phrase or keywords, that we want to rank for… to see, what our competitors from TOP10 have used there. And just try to use something, that addresses our customers needs more completely.

Is Google always displaying meta tags, that that we have written in our HTML code?

The answer is no. Google have our site indexed and in most cases shows snippet, prepared from content, that is used on our website. So how can we tell Google to display our meta tags instead of ones generated automatically?

We just have to remember to
– make them attractive for our customers (TEST, TEST and another time TEST),
– prepare meta tags, that fully reflect content presented on our website,
– use between 135 and 150 characters,
– use some ‘call to action’ forms.