Quick SEO Tip – block your backlinks visibility

Quick SEO Tip - block your backlinks visibility

You spend hours and hours on research, find best sites, place your links there or build buffer sites… and your competitors are just copying your best activities? Don’t let them see what is going on here and just block their analytical capabilities. Let them work alone on their success!

How can we do this?

Every self-respecting SEO professional use web analytics tools. In terms of link-building popular ones are i.a.:

We use these tools to determine, which places are worth our online attention. I am talking both about building refferals to our website and links, that are outcoming from our site and pointing external websites (Yes, those are also really important! Properly used have huge impact on Trust Rank).

These tools use robots/crawlers to scan almost everything in the Internet (like Google right?) and we can simply block them. This lead to situation, in which our competitors using sites like ahrefs, MOZ, MAJESTIC won’t see our link-building activities. Sounds perfect, right? How to do this? We can use our .htaccess file (how to proceed information could be found here: A few optimizations in .htaccess.

A few examples of robots, that are worth blocking could be found in file: Web robots

Enjoy and have a good day!

Keep optimizin’!