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Page scroll tracking in Google Analytics
How to determine users engagement on one page site such as landing page? With Google Analytics (GA) standard settings it’s impossible. We will see very high bounce rate and information, that users mostly spend on our site 0 seconds. Is this information true? Of course not! We will see this information, because Google normally starts […]
Quick SEO Tip – block your backlinks visibility
You spend hours and hours on research, find best sites, place your links there or build buffer sites… and your competitors are just copying your best activities? Don’t let them see what is going on here and just block their analytical capabilities. Let them work alone on their success! How can we do this? Every self-respecting SEO […]
Meta tags rocks!
Meta tags are not recognized by Google as a direct SEO factor nowadays… but are still very important, when interacting with search engine user. So indirectly, by increasing CTR (Click Through Rate), they are important to SEO. Metas, when written properly can boost traffic on our website and result in higher rankings. What are meta […]
A few optimizations in .htaccess
Why worth reading further and keep optimizing: You can do it on Your own, practically no technical skills required (but remember to have copy of Your .htaccess file in case something goes wrong) Your websites will just rank higher (and that’s the reason why You’re here, am I right?)   A few example of .htaccess […]